with bare feet touching the sky I yearn explores prophecy, wilding and mythic time. The work has been supported by Arts Council England and the Institute of Contemporary Arts (London). Photo by Jemima Yong.

with bare feet touching the sky I yearn


Photo by Manuel Vason.
Underpinned by a deep sense of longing that is about both loss and desire, with bare feet touching the sky I yearn calls to a trans* futurity which is wilder and more raw than the anxious, ossifying present. This futurity is multiplicitous - shrouded, erotic, and non-linear. It is bound up with more-than-human ecologies and, like life itself, it is chaotic and non-binary.

Prophetic fictions compost with dried flowers, soil and natural pigments; a wormhole is opened in the earth and the boundaries between human subjectivity and the worlds beyond are made porous; sweaty, bloody gestural embodiments of yearning and rudimentary chroma-keying facilitates a symbolic, DIY diffusion of selfhood; and the poetic resonances of texts, movements, materials and actions are offered to those gathered as a divinatory device. The work offers no clear path but rather an invitation - to step into a more mythic time, a space for dreaming, grieving, desiring and communing.

The work will premiere at the ICA (London) on Thursday 26th May, as part of FUTURERITUAL. Experiments in process were exhibted during Second Skin (Ugly Duck, London).

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