with bare feet touching the sky I yearn is a collaboration between Joseph Morgan Schofield, John King (dramaturg) and Mitchell Sowden (composer). The work has been supported by Arts Council England, the Institute of Contemporary Arts (London), Venice International Performance Art Week, South House and ]performance s p a c e[.  Photo by Jemima Yong.

with bare feet touching the sky I yearn


Photo by Manuel Vason.
The binary logics of capitalism and fascism suggest that we face a fall - from order (civilisation) to chaos (the unknown). Yet ‘order’ is violent: white, colonial, eugenicist, heterosexist, elitist - this rationalist, dialectical, competitive ‘order’ is out of step with the multiplicitous reality of life.

Understanding that ‘chaos’ is a concept propounded by rigid hierarchical societies to control selfregulating organisms, this work is an attempt to inhabit the collapse into chaos and to understand it as a space where multiple futures and possibilities might form, contradicting, contaminating and enabling one another.

with bare feet touching the sky I yearn unfolds across a mythic landscape upon which  materials and text are subjected to processes of erosion. The psychic remnants of our decaying words and the physical relics of our queer ritual action are offered as fertile earth from which new imaginaries of future worlds might grow.

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