Photo by Zbigniew Tomasz Kotkiewicz.

This action was devised during STALKER, a workshop by Franko B, taking place at the Foundry, in Maubourguet (FR), July/August 2019.

the pink sky reflects the bloody earth


the pink century of lost boys
time heals
the break dissolves
we yearn

i enter the space. i place a stone in my mouth. i remove my dress and pour a glass of water over my head. i further wet my head in the pool of water on the floor. i place needles in my lips. i place a needle tied to the room in my chest. i place a needle tied to a stone in my forehead. i hold the stone and circle a pillar. i hold the stone. i hold the stone. my arms shake. i drop the stone. i remove the needles from my lips. i speak. i leave the space.

Translucent, VO Curations, London, UK, August 2019, curated by Niya B

STALKER, The Foundry, Maubourguet, FR, August 2019, curated by Franko B

Photo by Zbigniew Tomasz Kotkiewicz.

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