Photo: Radage ▽ Hardaker, FUTURERITUAL, Kunstraum, 2019. Photo by Julia Sterre.

Photo: Charlie Ashwell with Es Morgan, FUTURERITUAL, Kunstraum, 2019. Photo by Julia Sterre.


2017 to present

FUTURERITUAL is a research and performance project considering the use, place and function of ritual in contemporary queer and performance cultures, and the relationship of these cultures and practices to ideas of expanded queer futurity. 

FUTURERITUAL has facilitated performance events throughout the UK. The next iteration will take the form of a season of performances, screenings, workshops and discussions at the Institute of Contemporary Arts (London), the Live Art Development Agency and Chisenhale Dance Space in Summer 2021.

Previous iterations have activated ]performance s p a c e[, Arnolfini, Chisenhale Dance Space, Hackney ShowroomKunstraum, Live Art Bistro, the Live Art Development Agency, SPACE studios and VFD.

FUTURERITUAL positions ritual as a technology of speculative transformation, and queer ritual action is understood as a method for divination and augury - as a way of mapping, visioning, fabulating or otherwise embodying future potentialities. A future ritual might function by gesturing towards or manifesting or otherwise calling forth these alternate states, these other ways of being.

The project is a lab for performative research by Joseph Morgan Schofield and other invited artists. Through public performance events, FUTURERITUAL aims to provide an active context for the presentation of performance art in the UK.

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