Photos by Fenia Kotsopoulou



spit runs like wax falls like blood drips like sweat gathers like breath rains like spit

devotions is the collective title of a series of works exploring the divinatory potential of performance ... I wait for the edges of my vision to begin shimmering, for desires and impulses and ideas to present themselves like spirits to be channelled. This is different to trance in that trance presupposes a loss of control whereas channelling is a process of conscious and unconscious decision making.

from devotion : text (2020)

devotion : seduction, Venice International Performance Art Week 2020, Palazzo Mora Photo by Lorenza Cini.


devotion, or a monument in the wind, Performance Platform, October 2020

devotion : wraith
Wraith Club, February 2020

devotion : seduction
Venice International Performance Art Week, January 2020

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