All photos by Jemima Yong.

Here Comes The Sun was a collaboration between Joseph Morgan Schofield, Es Morgan (dramaturg) and Nat Norland (composer). It was supported with public funds by Arts Council England, and supported by ]performance s p a c e[, LADA, Chisenhale Dance Space, Mother's Ruin and Pilot Nights.

Here Comes The Sun


beneath the synthetic terf, we’re looking at deep time baby. this is a QUEER MYTH OF THE ANTHROPOCENE, a stagger thru eco and gender anxiety, a collision of non-binary identity, climate catastrophe and the political potential of excess.

an anthropocene queen rises from a polluted wasteland + the earth groans, hooked on an iv drip they told us was JUST high pressure water + its skin cracks and breaks + that genderquake was a 6.8 on the richter scale + im tired + scared + lonely

this is myth is of transformation, and survival

imagined as a contemporary rite, co-written with Es Morgan and featuring a fresh dronescape by Nat Norland, Here Comes The Sunis an attempt to work thru eco + gender anxieties + construct new histories + imagine a different future + queer the apocalypse.

A publication of the text of Here Comes The Sun is forthcoming, published by ]performance s p a c e[.

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