Here Comes The Sun, 2019. Image by Jemima Yong.

waiting on the lichen land


Produced by artist Orlando Myxx, JOIN THE LINES. WE ARE HERE celebrates TRANS / NON-BINARY / GENDER-NON-CONFORMING PRIDE at a time when mass physical gathering seems impossible.

The book features photos of hands raised at Trans Pride in 2016/17, paired with texts by trans* artists and allies.

Joseph contributed Waiting on the Lichen Land, a text considering queer futurity, climate justice and desire crossing geological time.

JOIN THE LINES was published online in July 2020.

I watched you approach across the lichen land; everything was covered in this living, textured, tufted carpet. I could hear blood pumping around your body, and then I became acutely aware of the sound of you swallowing. I wanted to lean across the space and place my mouth on your throat, to pull on your perfect adam’s apple until it became loose, or else to press my teeth into you, to pass through your pores and become one with your gorgeous throat.” 

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