devotion: seduction, 2020. Photo by Fenia Kotsopoulou.

performances of healing & reconciliation


A discussion between R Aslan, Chris Gylee, Rand T. Hazou, Joseph Morgan Schofield, Sarah Woodland, and Joshua Edelman.

Published in Performance, Religion and Spirituality Vol. 2 No. 2 (2020), edited by Joshua Edelman.

Performance, Religion and Spirituality is a biannual, peer-reviewed, open access scholarly journal affiliated with the Performance, Religion and Spirituality Working Group of the International Federation of Theatre Researchers (IFTR) and the Religion and Theatre Focus Group with the Association for Theatre in Higher Education (ATHE).

Thinking speculatively about the future, I imagine that the performance artist, one who truly understands the nature of presence and live encounter, will have a crucial role to play in helping folk navigate a society that is ever more completely mediated by technology. I battle this state myself all the time, and performance has been one space to be freed from technological mediation. We will have to resist the impulses to commodify this ability.”

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