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move close is a club night created by Joseph Morgan Schofield, Sara Sassanelli and Es Morgan.

It is a night of dancing and electronic music, featuring unannounced performances by artists working in dance and live art.we are interested in the collision of clubbing, music and performance.

move close attempts to carve out a new space for experimental performance within queer nightlife, outside of the form and format of cabaret.  We believe ‘DIY’ doesn’t have to mean obtrusive hosting or a lack of curatorial/dramaturgical design.

move close cares about the emotional arc of your evening. Your high matters to us! We believe in the transformational power of club dancing - as processing, immersion and escapism.

move close is a night for/by/with queer people and we have a commitment to supporting marginalised artists.

move close has been supported with a member-as-curator research bursary from Chisenhale Dance Space.

move close artists

alicia radage, CHILLIDXDDY, claud palazzo, eve stainton, fernanda munoz-newsome, gareth chambers & luke bafico, GANX, es morgan, JIte, joseph morgan schofield, junior XL, josh gt, KAST, kate stonrestreet, keijaun thomas, lawsonn ben, LCN, marikiscrycrycry, mellowdramatics, ONY, owen ridley de monick, robert hesp, rowdy SS, rukeya, samuel kennedy, sara sassanelli, selina bonelli, will power, wordcolour

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