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Live Art Club [LDN]

2019 to present

Live Art Club is a monthly open platform for artists working with performance, sound, video and visual arts. Everyone is welcome to come, to watch, to join in, to present or to perform - we welcome those with years of experience, those who have never tried performing before, those on the run from more traditional disciplines, those who don’t really know what-the-fuck-Live-Art-is.

We encourage you to share part of a new idea, an experiment in working with an audience, a way of moving your body, a series of sounds you’re excited by, an unexpected activation of the space, an interruption of tradition, guttural words that want to explode out of you, a re-performance of a forgotten idea and anything else that might look/feel/taste like Live Art.

We seek to prioritise artists of colour, queer, trans, women, disabled, neurodiverse, migrant and working class artists. We recognise Live Art as a potent site for all who are disenfranchised, in order to create new languages with which to speak out and reach each other.

We cherish passion, risk and failure. We celebrate indecency, aberration and formal corruption or mutation. We praise purity and impurity.

Live Art Club is held one Sunday each month. Live Art Club is co-facilitated by Rachel Gammon, Nicol Parkinson, Phoebe Patey-Ferguson, Joseph Morgan Schofield & An* Neely, with support from the Live Art Development Agency (LADA).

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